Count Verification Machine – PCVM

The Count Verification Machine is used as a Quality Check after Bottling.  The system is used as an AQL tool to count the sample Bottles and verify that the count is correct.    Since the system has a printout containing the Count, Batch number, and an electronic signature of the operator performing the AQL, the Quality Check is now Validatable.
  • Touch screen HMI with complete PLC control.
  •  Easy to operate with quick change over from
    product to product.
  • Compact module for table top count verification
    for R&D application and IPQC requirement.
  • Single track vibrator feeder resembling similar
    process, to that of the production module type
  • Anodized aluminum channel for smooth unidirectional
    transfer of the tablet from the hopper to
    the counting zone.
  • Highly accurate counting system for counting &
    recording the pre-set target.
  • Inbuilt printer having thermal paper with refill
    roll for batch code, product information &
  • Replaceable funnels as change part, to suite different mouth opening of container.
  • No bottle no fill arrangement.