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Often we see that the filling and sealing standards at some point of time and with some products are always below average, thus conceding more negative feedback from the customers who may have faced inconvenience due to the same failing standard of plastic tube filling and sealing.

But with Parle Global USA’s technologically advanced PK 30 PL-A application, fully operational and automatic – the future of plastic tube filling and sealing is in the safest hands with an excellent set standard to maintain. The PK 30 PL is cost-effective filler providing the industrial users with many designated features apart from some innovations that have been included as a part of the new model’s efficiency and viability.

PK 30 PL – AThe ergonomic design of the machine enables newly recruited industrial workers and operators to handle the operations easily and take control of the production and delivery timing when there is a bulk order, or a timeline has to be met. Whether you are looking to raise your standards of production, or are struggling to replace your redundant machinery, Parle Global is the right direction to wither towards. Apart from flexibly aligning all the diverse segments for different products, the machine can efficiently deliver at least 60 tubes per minute depending upon the size of the tube and the type of product in question.

Enjoy the efficient work rate of Aluminum-built machinery with rotary movement type enabled to help industrial operators get the best results and in less time. Refer to Parle Global USA for other such innovative industrial products.

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