PK 30 PL/Combo: A Cosmetic Tube Sealing Machine Worth Purchasing

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Do you belong to the cosmetic industry? Have you been thinking of ways to enhance the quality of the products offered by your company? If that’s the case, learn that in addition to emphasizing the quality of material used, it would be important to pay attention to the use of high-performance equipment as well. It is because only when you will make use of efficient equipment, you will be able to provide cosmetics of unmatched quality. So, right from mixing equipment to tube filling machines, make a list of all the essential machines that you think would help in escalating the overall quality of your cosmetic products. Additionally, make sure you choose machines that deliver superior output within a specific time. For instance, if you are planning to buy a cosmetic tube sealing machine, a semi-automatic PK 30 PL/Combo machine would be a worthy investment.


Offered by Parle Global USA, PK 30 PL/Combo is a fixed speed tube filling and sealing machine suitable for outputs of 45 tubes per minute. Highly sought after in the cosmetic business, this machine is specifically designed for filling and sealing, plastic, plastic laminate, and aluminum laminate tubes (up to 50mm diameter) with a maximum filling volume of 250 ml.

Finely designed keeping manual feed, automatic filling, and sealing of tubes in mind, this machine is known for its superior functionality and consistent operation. In case, you think PK 30 PL/Combo would be a good choice to make; we would be happy to provide you with the same as per your needs.

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