Single Head Capping Machine can Help You Increase Your Production Up to Many Folds

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Having almost 40 years of experience in the bottles packaging, tablets and capsules printing, tube filling and sealing industry, Parle-Global-USA is truly a world leader regarding safeguarding the today by the technology of tomorrow.

As a prominent name in their niche, all the products of Parle-Global-USA live up to their hype and mostly exceed the expectation of its customers.

One of them is undoubtedly single head capping machine, which is a wholly automated bottle capping machine.The machine that they are offering has low friction surface to ensure smooth and noiseless conveying. To resist against corrosion, nothing but the top-quality stainless steel goes into the making of its vital structures.

PSC-45 Bottle Capping Machine

The machine is destined to have a low-maintenance operation and can be easily adjusted to different gauges. The cap sizes that can be sealed using this machine are mainly CRC and screw types.

The initial screen shows five options to ensure safe and sound operation, namely, start, stop, conveyor, cap feeder, and, pick and place.

With the four, except stop, turned on, the machine will produce a humongous output that meets or exceeds the industry standards.

The Container’s height ranges between 35-80mm while the diameter oscillates between 20-120mm which again is far better than our nearest competitors.

You can buy it from DJA Pharma as they have partnered with us to distribute it on the world scale. Visit our homepage for more info and complete details of the equipment.

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